CHC Leadership Statement on Passing of 8-Year-Old Girl in Border Patrol Custody

May 17, 2023
Press Release


CHC Communications: Brian Garcia |

WASHINGTON, D.C.-Today, the leadership of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) released the following statement after the 8-year-old girl passed away last night in Border Patrol Custody in Harlingen, Texas.

“We are very concerned about the report that an 8-year old girl in U.S. Border Patrol custody died last night. We reached out immediately to the Department of Homeland Security upon hearing the news report and asked for an update on the situation and the investigation. We ask Secretary Mayorkas to provide a briefing to CHC leadership immediately on the incident. The Department must conduct a thorough and transparent investigation into the cause and circumstances of the child’s death. We have a fundamental duty to protect migrants in our care and custody, any death is unacceptable. We cannot go back to 2019.”