CHC Chair and Deputy Chair Urge President Biden to Redesignate El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua for TPS

Apr 25, 2023
Press Release

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) Chair Nanette Barragán and Deputy Chair Adriano Espaillat urged President Joe Biden to continue his commitment to provide relief to long-time Latino and immigrant families by redesignating El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). TPS is a humanitarian tool used by both Democratic and Republican administrations to provide relief for individuals who are unable to return to their home countries due to extraordinary and temporary conditions. 

“As the President seeks to continue the work of his Administration to deliver for Latino and immigrant communities throughout the country, he should use every tool in his administrative toolbox to extend immigration relief where possible. Redesignating El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua for TPS is not just the right thing to do for the country, but it is the right decision on the merits since TPS is a humanitarian tool specifically designed to address situations like those that are facing these Central American nations,” said Chair Barragán and Deputy Chair Espaillat.  “As our governments work with Latin American countries to share responsibility for addressing migration challenges, including working to aid those harmed by natural disasters and civil conflict in the region, these new TPS designations can help stabilize the region by allowing families to access vital resources through remittances sent by loved ones here in the U.S. We urge the President to act as quickly as possible to redesignate these countries that are ripe for new designations and to begin the process of considering other Latin American countries such as Guatemala that may qualify for TPS or other forms of relief such as Deferred Enforced Departure.”

Severe environmental damage caused by successive hurricanes and climate change-related catastrophes, combined with human rights violations, and cascading political crises exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic make it unsafe for nationals from these three nations to return to their home countries. The U.S. Department of State recently released its annual country report, which detailed the challenges facing these nations. 

Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador were last designated for TPS over two decades ago, and individuals from those countries arriving since that date are not eligible. The previous administration’s decision to terminate the original TPS protections has been challenged in the ongoing Ramos v. Nielsen and Bhattarai v. Nielsen lawsuits. In addition to its humanitarian rationale, the redesignation of TPS for Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Honduras would help remove the fear and uncertainty faced by many current TPS beneficiaries who are stuck in a state of legal limbo.


Bianca Lugo Lewis
CHC Communications Director
(202) 843-3947